You might remember a few months back we launched our search for mums who'd previously worked in the media industry with our agency partners, SheSays DXB.  

We hosted a controversial panel at the Dubai Lynx to speak about the lack of mums in the agency world and Helen McGuire wrote an open letter to ad land in Campaign ME Magazine outlining why mums were so needed, yet lacking, at all levels of media and advertising.  

The floodgates were opened and we saw many mums applying in order that we could promote them back to their industry and give them a boost in the right direction.    Well, without further ado, we'd like to introduce you to the second of our finalist mums, Lamia H.  Check out her story below and just drop us a note at if you'd like to speak to us about working with her:

Industry: Marketing

Role: Client Servicing, Comms

Experience: 8 years across the MENA region

"Hello!  I'm Lamia; a passionate Marketing Professional with more than 8 years experience in developing and implementing strategic 360 marketing campaigns for reputable local and international brands in the Middle East.  Throughout my career, I have been recognized by my supervisors for my hardwork, dedication and proactivity.  I have a very good reputation with all my former employers, which I consider one of my greatest personal achievements. 

I took a family sabbatical a while ago for maternity purposes as I faced some difficulties with my pregnancy and since I wouldn't be able to give the work its right dedication, I decided to take some time off. I have certainly learned a lot from being a mum: how to be grateful, insightful, innovative, resourceful, hopeful, thoughtful, appreciative, patient, adaptive, curious, committed, strategic, inquisitive, determinate, empowered, a coach, a giver and a good listener.. actually the list can go on and on.  But if I have to pick one word then I would say "adaptable"!  Being a mum makes you more flexible and able to deal with any situation.  You learn to embrace change and it forces you to do things out of your comfort zone as you accept new challenges and always keep trying until you succeed."

Keep a check for more Mums I'd Like To Hire and to get in touch with Lamia, email us at