Hopscotch Hires is all about the ace women we have on our books - those who have signed up with us to find their dream job, with the added bonus of flexible hours.  It's a way of shouting about some of our best candidates and of promoting them through social media to the people who may wish to hire them.

This month, we meet Daphne - a self-confessed workaholic from the US who is looking for a role in the fashion industry.  If you're interested in speaking with her, do get in touch with talent@hopscotch.ae.  Here's her story:

"Hi, I'm Daphne!  I graduated with a Degree in Fashion Design from the U.S. and have been working in the industry for the past 7 years in serval countries. Dubai has always been a place I want to live and work as I am intrigued by its growing cretive scene, and the growth of the fashion industry in the region. I always look for challenges and I think Dubai will be a perfect place to start a new chapter of my career.    

Like any young woman, I am passionate about buying stuff! As a buyer, seeing the pieces you picked in-store or online  is very rewarding and motivates me daily.  Working in the fashion industry has always been a dream come true, so to continue doing what I love in Dubai for a company that provides a new challenge is what I am looking for.  I also love working with creative minds so having a creative enviroment at work is important and if the role provides the opportunity for travel, then even better!

Seeing how hard my parents work to achieve their life goals has influenced me to go after my own dreams.  I work hard to fulfil my passions whilst creating the kind of lifestyle I want. It's absolutely satisfying to see my hard work pay off." 

If you'd like to promoted to our clients, please sign up at www.hopscotch.ae and drop us a note!