Sometimes people find work through us via our Job Board or a direct call from one of our team.  But when candidates are looking for a slight shift in their career path or chosen role, or perhaps are lacking in confidence or need a push in the right direction, that's when our training team really comes into force.

For this month's Hotshot, Roob, the latter was the case.  This go-getter of a talent found her dream role after a bit of 121 career coaching.  Find out how below, and feel free to leave comments or questions!

"Hi!  My name is Roob.

My background is in Broadcast Media and I’ve been privileged to work for some of the biggest television channels in India, spearheading original content planning and creative direction.  In addition to my experience as a Television Anchor and Producer, I’ve worked for an integrated communications agency as well as a tech startup, where I created digital content and social media campaigns for brands in the UAE.  I also hold a Masters in Corporate Communication (graduated Summa Cum Laude) from IE Business School, Spain.

I moved to Abu Dhabi in Aug.2014 and wasn’t able to get hold of a full time position/job; realizing that’s it’s also an uptight/inflexible job market where local experience is key. And it’s especially difficult for people trying to switch careers.  Instead of whiling away time or trying to pursue freelance opportunities, I decided to invest in education and went on to study for a Masters degree at IE.

It was during this time that I encountered Hopscotch by chance whilst attending Social Media Week held last November in Dubai.   She had just finished speaking as part of a panel there and  I knew she was someone I could reach out to, not only because she had a similar background/work experience as mine, but that she came across as an extremely approachable, patient and encouraging person. Also, somewhere I felt that she was able to relate and empathize with me.  I felt that she was the perfect fit as a woman leading this company helping women get back into workforce.  I remember going back home and sending her an e-mail, to which she immediately replied with a list of digital agencies in the region that I could reach out to for a possible opening or even an internship opportunity.

It was also during our conversation that she suggested a meeting with Archana, a career coach at Hopscotch.  I duly followed that advice, met with Archana...and I loved her! Archana is very straight forward and no fluff. I found her to be true to the role and she tries to understand the bigger picture, your underlying motivations and life goals.  She helped me re-visit my strengths and utilize those during the job hunt process. Besides getting guidance on the format of the CV that she told me to redo and provided a blueprint for some help.

Thanks to Hopscotch's help and my actions off the back of it, my current job is working with a prominent newspaper in Dubai!  It involves leveraging my past experience whilst also giving me the opportunity to learn new things. I am currently working in the digital space and creating content on a daily basis can get challenging, however, it is allowing me to do newer things, meet likeminded people and stay mentally stimulated. I enjoy the feeling of getting up every morning and heading out, have some kind of routine and stay active. The biggest difference it has made to my life is that I get to re-live the feeling of being financially independent– yes, I can finally afford my afford my shopping bills…Zara calling!"  

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