As some of you may know, Awards Season in Dubai truly kicks off after the summer, building through the winter months as agencies and brands big and small vie to win much coveted trophies for their cabinets, attending swanky ceremonies at the city's top hotels.

What you may not know is that the work that goes into actually being nominated or recognised for an award happens in the months and, sometimes, entire year before those winners are announced.  Whether it's through a campaign that's been launched, a new way of working that's been pioneered or a special enterprise set to change the lives of people in our region, there's probably an award out there for it!

Now that Hopscotch is a year old, we're super pleased that the world of awards is also beginning to pick up on some of our successes.  We've now been announced as a finalist for Gulf Capital's Disruption of the Year award, have been nominated in the Best Women's Empowerment and Training Provider category at the Dubai Enterprise 2017 awards, our Co-Founder is up for Entrepreneur of the Year at the Gulf Business Awards (cast your vote right here!) and also in the running for Entrepreneur of the Year by Mother, Baby and Child Magazine (you can vote here), and we have a few more that are yet to be announced!

We share these accolades with you not to blow our own trumpet, but because without our community there simply is no Hopscotch, let alone any trophies to go along with it!  We'll keep you posted on any more nominations or wins and thank you again for being part of our ever-growing platform.

Team Hopscotch x