We have a strong and unique community of talented ladies at Hopscotch and, whatever their industry, background or situation, we want to use this space to shout about them - they are our Star Candidate; our Hopscotch Hire.  By being featured and promoted to our community and clients, our Hopscotch Hire of the month significantly ups their chances of being noticed and we have a great track record of placing previous title holders!

Our Hopscotch Hire for June is Ridwana. With an impressive background in Law with specialisms in Criminology and Compliance, she has three languages under her belt.  In her spare time, she counsels at children's and old people's homes, as well as helping raise awareness of various charities and hospitals.  

Read more about her background and future hopes here...

"I moved here to the UAE many years ago as my father has a business here and so I went to school here and moved back to South Africa to complete my law degree and I'm now back here once again! Dubai for me is great, it's secound home. It gave me the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and I find it very much a 'city of the future'. Being unemployed as it stands can be a bit frustrating, but I'm making the most of it by trying to focus on other avenues of my passion for script writing and voluntary sevices.

The dream job for me would be ideally something in a legal field. However having said that I would love to aspire and further my potential abilities in other faculties as well. I am a people's person so practically any role whereby I can interact with others and contribute to a company's overall success would entice me, as I believe dedication and endurance in a role can offer great rewards at the end of the day.   I have exceptional communicational and interpersonal skills so that could be used as a further advantage in any role I take on. Ideal location would be Dubai and ideally something part time, but again I'm open for full time roles as well!

I have been working for around 5 years now both in South Africa and Dubai and have thoroughly enjoyed all experiences thus far. I see work as a possibility of self development and enhancement as well as the opportunity to diversify my career and grow as an individual. Working would change my life as it would bring back that sense of responsibility and individuality which I strive to achieve on a daily basis."

To speak to us about hiring Ridwana, please get in touch with us at newbiz@hopscotch.ae.  We are looking forward to hearing from you!