We're very pleased to announce that Mastercard has just launched a programme to give women who've been away from work for a year or more a chance to get back into the workplace!  

Like many women here in our region, perhaps you had to put your career dreams on pause after moving here with your partner?  Or maybe you just fell off the ladder after having kids?  If you have a professional background, particularly in financial, professional or technology services, ‘Relaunch Your Career’ is all about helping you to re-enter the workforce.

 The programme will last 12 weeks and is designed to give you the training and skills you need.  Should you be successful in gaining a place on the programme, you’ll have a chance to apply for a role within Mastercard – a company that is very well known for its excellent women-friendly policies and practices.

Interested?  Apply for a Relaunch Your Career role now - 


Lots of luck, Team Hopscotch x