It's always tricky to find more than five minutes to pin our Co-Founder down these days.  As Hopscotch has grown, so her diary has become ever more difficult to navigate as we widen our net to grow the community, the businesses and groups we work with, as well as the opportunities we offer our women.

And so, the 30 minute interview via podcast below is a rarity indeed!  A while in the planning, we've been meaning to catch up with the force of nature that is Gina Visram over in London for some time.  

As a mama of one, she set up her company, Limitless Coaching, and her Creative Career Solutions podcasts to help parents re-focus their work goals around their families.  Our missions have so much in common and to quote her intro to the interview: "Wherever in the world you are, this episode is a must listen for mamas in the working world (or those wanting to re-enter it). Within the space of 28 minutes (finishing just before Helen needed to leave the office to head home to her little ones) - we discussed her career journey from media, to PR to recruitment (with 2 babas appearing along the way), discussed what Helen refers to as "The Mummy Time Zone", how to build your confidence and really focused on some great advice / experience sharing when it comes to flexible working and how it can work for you."  

Just click on the image below to listen.

Think that just about sums it up!  Leave your comments below and check out Gina's fabulous words of advice and ways you can work with her just here.