It's been a year now since we started Hopscotch, and in that time we're happy to say that we've placed and trained over 400 women across every industry imaginable in our region.  For those of you who wondered just who those women are and what they're up to now, wonder no more!

Hotshots is our new way to celebrate the wonderful women who've found success through us, whether our training has helped them achieve their dream job or career switch, or they've found work directly via our Job Board.  This month, we're kicking off with Asli, who took advantage of our 121 Coaching with Archana to get some help on her interview technique and now has a role working at a well known university here in Dubai as an Assistant Professor.  Here's how it worked out for her:

H: Tell us a bit about your background.

A:  Hi, I am Asli Cazorla Milla.  I guess like many women I moved to Dubai a year ago after my husband got a job here.  I completed my doctoral studies in Marketing a couple of years ago in Spain, so I've not had a long career history!  But I worked for two years as a part-time in Talent Management in Latvia whilst studying for my Masters and I'm teaching as Volunteer Adjunct Professor at an online American university for the last couple of years, too. I also worked as Soft Skills trainer in a summer school in Slovakia.

H: How long were you trying to find work and what were some of the challenges you encountered?

A: I was looking for a job here in Dubai for almost a year, so I did some part-time teaching in a university during my job hunt. The real issue for me was the Interview. Although I interviewed some people back in the days, although I knew the theory from A to Z, the reality was harder than I thought. Everybody was telling me that I had an enriched academic background but no real professional experience. I knew I had many skills however I did not know how to express them in a small time. There were times I told myself, that’s it Asli, you will never nail that interview. 

H: How did Hopscotch help you?

A: I was lucky enough to gain a spot for 121 Training with Archana.  In less than one hour, she showed me who I am and who I can be.  She highlighted those key skills in my resume and prepped me for the interview.  She is a true miracle worker.  She taught me to believe in myself and simply say ‘Yes, I can’.  When I was called for the interview, I remembered all those tips that Archana gave me, and I nailed the interview.

H: Describe your job now and the difference it’s made to you.

A: Right now, I am working as an Assistant Professor here in Dubai and I feel that I have found my place. Every day, I wake up with enthusiasm and reach at my workplace where I train and guide Business students. 

H: What one piece of advice would you give to others looking to find flexible work?

A: Aside from coming to Hopscotch, my first advice would be to go out there and network with people. Dubai is a perfect place when it comes to events, conferences and gatherings. So, do not be shy; network, network, network!  While looking for a job, try to add things to enrich your CV such as an online course, learning a different language etc.  My last advice is do not give up - life will give you the fruit of your hard work in the end!

Well said, Asli!

If you want similar help, advice or coaching to land your best role then get in touch with us without delay and check out our 121 Service and our Job Board.