You might remember a couple of months back we launched our search for mums who'd previously worked in the media industry with our agency partners, SheSays DXB.  

We hosted a controversial panel at the Dubai Lynx to speak about the lack of mums in the agency world and Helen McGuire wrote an open letter to ad land in Campaign ME Magazine outlining why mums were so needed, yet lacking, at all levels of media and advertising.  

The floodgates were opened and we saw hundreds of mums applying so that we could promote them back to their industry and give them a boost in the right direction.  

Well, without further ado, we'd like to introduce you to the first of our finalist mums, Carli A.  She wrote an impassioned letter with her application and has an incredibly impressive background.  Check out her story below and just drop us a note at if you'd like to speak to us about working with her:

Industry: Media

Role: Copywriter, Journalist, Editor

Experience: 20 years across UK and MENA region

"Hello, I'm Carli; a mum with a long background in media as a journalist, managing editor and copywriter, but I put my career on hold after the birth of my daughter two years ago. I’ve been working ad hoc as a freelance writer, but I have far too much time on my hands!  I need to get my career back on track.  I am a talented, experienced and enthusiastic writer and editor, and I need to be the role model for my children that my mother was for me.

While I love the rollercoaster ride of being a parent, I also love my work – and I miss it. It’s a tough market out there, though, and as a mother I feel I have to fight even harder to get noticed. So, would I like someone to shout about me to potential employees? Yes, please!

I would love to escape the monotony of drinking lattes at Lime Tree, shopping in my gym gear at Spinneys, and actually having the time to bake cakes that are adding the wrong kind of pounds to our family!  Give me this helping hand, and I won’t let you or myself down."

Keep a check for more Mums I'd Like To Hire and to get in touch with Carli, email us at