You might remember back at the start of March we asked you for your opinions on how well the UAE was doing regarding women's empowerment issues and gender equality?  Well, the results are in and we have been speaking to the press, TV and radio about what you told us over the last couple of weeks.  

We were astounded by what over 500 women had to say.  Just 40% of our community believed that the UAE provided equal opportunities for men and women with most of you believing it to be the job of employers in this region to help empower women.  Interestingly, seven out of ten of our respondents concluded that men played a vital part in empowering women and 79% felt that flexible working options would most help close the gender the gap. 

You can read all about the results just here or watch our Co-Founder, Helen McGuire, speaking more in depth with Greg Fairlie on Dubai One TV last week  by clicking the image below.

The purpose of our research was to help push a women's agenda and keep it firmly in the news and the public eye.  We want to ensure these issues are pushed to the forefront of every employer's mind and also talked about our upcoming Empowerment Conference, which will enable over 120 women to meet with likeminded talent and employers in our region.

We would welcome your thoughts on this topic, so please leave us a message below, and rest assured we are only just getting started!

Team Hopscotch x