Back in November 2016, over a cuppa and a few (too many!) chocolate biscuits at one of our regular team meetings, Team Hopscotch had an idea.  We knew that many of our ladies were often left feeling a bit disappointed that seats were so limited at our previous events, so how about if we did ONE BIG EVENT and invited along as many of our community as we possibly could? 

And so, the idea for our very first Hopscotch Women's Conference was born.

At the start of 2017, we began speaking with our clients and partners and garnered huge support from like-minded institutions such as Mastercard, PepsiCo, Nestle, Naseba and, of course, our media partner, good Magazine. We were lucky enough to have previously been approached to be a sponsor and part of Careers UAE, the biggest careers fair in the region, at Dubai World Trade Centre.  We, frankly speaking, couldn't think of a better or more professional location for our first big event.   With our partners happily on board, suddenly, what had been a nugget of an idea, turned into an event that was marked on the calendar for April 10th!

After much hard graft, weekends and long hours behind the scenes, the design and line up for our conference came together.  

We wanted a programme that would satisfy as many of our community as possible.  And that community, as many of you know, is very varied!  At Hopscotch, we support all professional women - from those who have their own businesses or would like to, to those who have been out of the workplace for a while and want to get back in.  We needed speakers who could inspire, inform and educate our attendees as well as opportunities to enable networking between women and employers so that all our boxes were ticked.  We were super happy to engage heads of industry, HR leaders, multinationals, start ups as well as professional trainers and coaches to help us put together a programme for the day.

On March 8th, International Women's Day, we announced the Hopscotch Women's Empowerment Conference to the region and had an overwhelming response.  With interview requests from TV, Radio and the Press, our event snowballed and we received hundreds of registrations from women who wanted to attend.  As registration closed on March 29th, we subsequently invited 120 women from all backgrounds, walks of life and career paths to come along.  On April 10th at 9am, the scene was set for a day of learning, sharing and inspiration.  You can see just how it went below...

We want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of the ladies involved, from our attendees on the day to our sponsors, speakers and partners.  Having polled everyone for their feedback, the event received 4.2 out of 5 stars with 80% strongly recommending future dates to other women.   We are only sorry that we couldn't invite even more of our community along, but we will be sharing our most popular session on the day with Nestle to everyone, so keep a check for that and here's to many more upcoming events with Hopscotch!