Hopscotch x Lustre Parties - 'Turn Your Fear as Fuel!', 23rd April, 7 - 10pm, The Fridge, Dubai

Ever feel like those 3am moments of fear hold you back?  Do you worry more than you achieve?  Are you always imagining worst case scenarios?

Hopscotch will be participating in a Pearlescence #LustreAspire Party on 23rd April 2017 designed to help you overcome just such barriers.   The party is free and will be super fun, but also come prepared to learn and share!

As part of a panel, our co-founder Helen McGuire, will share her stories and lessons so far in life and business.  You can expect to gain some key takeaways on how to tackle challenges that you might face in your daily life and how to overcome them to turn negatives into positives.  

Hosted by Cordelia Henry and with a theme of “Achieve your goals & turn your fear into fuel", the 3-hour party will be full of fun and motivation and you're guaranteed to leave inspired. You'll be given a chance to hear different insights on the idea that fear can in fact give you the kick you need, so join us and meet some other amazing women who are determined to live a spectacular life. 

The venue capacity is limited so please reserve your spot asap right here - https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/lustreaspire-achieve-your-goals-and-turn-fear-into-fuel-tickets-31142052718