We have a strong and unique community of talented ladies at Hopscotch and, whatever their industry, background or situation, we want to use this space to shout about them - they are our Star Candidate; our Hopscotch Hire.  By being featured and promoted to our community and clients, our Hopscotch Hire of the month significantly ups their chances of being noticed and we have a great track record of placing previous title holders!

Our Hopscotch Hire for March is Jessi.  Mum to a baby boy, she has an impressive international career background that spans Cairo, London and Dubai and, prior to her son being born, her calling as a writer and content expert has led to copywriting roles across fashion, charity, government and agency work.  With a passionate and heartfelt approach to life, Jessi is now committed to getting back into the workplace.  Read more about her here...

By the age of 12 I could gossip in Farsi, swear in Somali and barter in Polish. Being a Londoner was like having the magic power of spinning a globe and ending up at wherever your finger landed. It’s this love of cross-cultural communication, although more sophisticated than my childhood, that makes Dubai my perfect playground!

After spending a few years working in pre and post revolutionary Egypt, I realized how important effective dialogue is and this became a driving force of my passion for being a content and copy writer. After relocating here from Egypt in search of stronger opportunities, my work has shifted from writing policy reform and research reports to tongue in cheek straplines and captivating scripts for the advertising and branding industry here in Dubai. I have a real creative side and Dubai perfectly wraps up my love of speaking to a diverse audience range with this in tow.

Being the mother of a new baby I am keen to nurture my career in a way that allows me to also nurture my son. This would ideally mean working in a location easily accessible to home with hours that respected the sanctity of both relationships; that between a mother and child as well as that of an ambitious hardworking team member. Whether this means working part-time hours or a shorter amount of days in a week is something I’m willing to explore with the right company.

Being a writer awards me the power to shape Dubai into the home I believe it will be for both my family’s future and mine. Working in multi-disciplinary fields and giving them a voice gives me un-tapped advantage of understanding and contributing to the landscape that my family and I have committed to being a part of. Working as a mother means that I can actively build this Emirate as ‘home’ for my family and I, weaving us into the fabric of this young and promising society.

To speak to us about hiring Jessi, please get in touch with us at newbiz@hopscotch.ae.  We are looking forward to hearing from you!