We have a strong talent pool here at Hopscotch and, whatever their industry, background or situation, we want to use this space to shout about them - they are our Star Candidate; our Hopscotch Hire.  By being featured and promoted to our community and clients, they significantly up their chances of being noticed and we have a great track record of placing previous title holders!

Our Hopscotch Hire for March is Devangi.  A mum of one, she took a break a few years back from agency life as a copywriter.  A story teller and creative at heart, she has taken on various rewarding roles during her time away, further building her skills and unique perspective.  Read on to find out more...

Hopscotch: Why do you want to work and how would it change your life?

Devangi: Becoming a copywriter to earn a living seemed like a natural choice for someone who is a wordsmith and storyteller at heart. I am always looking for a creative way to do whatever I am doing. It comes naturally.  Over the past few years, I have developed a keen interest in baking and cooking different cuisines, because hey, I had to spend a considerable time whipping up stuff in the kitchen for my daughter. Together, we sought to make memories with sand, paints, flour, music, and everything big and little around the house. Working allows me to follow my passion and be in a space that makes me comfortable, as I stay connected with my interests and the ever changing markets. Having financial independence is important to me as well. It allows me to contribute towards a certain lifestyle for my family.

H: What hidden talents do you have?

D: My daughter is the reason and the inspiration behind me taking up storytelling professionally over the past year. I now spend few evenings every week, dramatising and reading stories to young children. Once again it is a creative outlet that I enjoy. We share stories of famous children’s authors, engage in literacy activities followed with fun arts,crafts and sensory play. They say good things come to those who hustle. I need to keep hustling and making the most of the situation.

H: Tell us a bit about your situation now and what led you here.

D: Currently enjoying the warmth of cosmopolitan Dubai with my family, I have spent the early years of my life living, working and studying in Mumbai, Brisbane and Singapore. The move to Dubai happened five years ago when my husband moved here for an opportunity. I worked briefly with an advertising agency as a copywriter, before taking a sabbatical to plunge head-first into motherhood. For the most part, I have been enjoying my 3.5 year old’s childhood; and have undertaken small freelance projects that suit my role as a mother. Dubai, true to its reputation, is an extremely dynamic city to live and work in, however, I am yet to find employers being comfortable with hiring mothers who may be looking at some flexibility at the work place. Something which is a given in several parts of the world like Australia, where I have worked before.

H: Describe your dream job.

D: I am not sure if I would call it a dream job, but an ideal job scenario would be one that allows me to indulge in the craft of writing which I am extremely passionate about without having to worry about the hours clocked in. I wouldn’t say without worrying about deadlines, because deadlines are important when you are in business. But I have never believed in the popular opinion that the number of hours spent at work is directly proportional to the efficiency and quality of output. I am equally happy to work from home as I am to work from an office. The need of the hour is employers who are willing to offer part-time positions for a few days in a week, or estimating certain hours’ work in a week. It has to work both ways, and perhaps, given the nature of the industry that I work in offering work on a project basis is also a possibility. Also, employers who encourage their employees to take up courses to upgrade their skill sets and provide for suitable working conditions, seems like a dream in this part of the world.

To speak to us about hiring Devangi, please get in touch with us at newbiz@hopscotch.ae.  We are looking forward to hearing from you!