On April 10th, we will be hosting our first Women's Empowerment Conference at Dubai World Trade Centre.  We have lots planned for a packed day and we're very pleased to announce the first of our speakers this morning.  Find out more about them just below and we'll look forward to sharing more speakers and details in the coming weeks!

Omaira Al Alama, Founder, ALF: 

One of the most bubbly and passionate women leaders you could ever wish to meet, Omaira is a seasoned speaker and recently graced the front cover of good Magazine here in the UAE.  As a UAE national and mama to three gorgeous girls, she is dedicated to helping her own people, and specifically women,  become the next leaders and a former Hopscotch Hero!  Omaira founded Advanced Learning Formulas (ALF) in 2011, part of Sheikh Mohammed's Intalaq initiative and is affiliated with the KHDA. ALF is also one of the only companies where UAE Nationals are trained by UAE Nationals. ALF now trains young Emirati nationals, through creativity, critical thinking, cultural awareness, profiling, personality awareness, time management and more. Omaira read Psychology and Criminal studies at the University of California San Francisco, graduating with a Double Major. She then went on to complete her Masters at New York University where she studied Criminology and Criminal Justice. Returning back to the UAE she worked in various government entities and spearheaded various campaigns, which were directed towards education.

Sophie Le Ray, Founder, Naseba:

Sophie Le Ray is an entrepreneur, an author, an experienced business facilitator and an insightful speaker.  The founder and spokesperson of the Global Women In Leadership (WIL) Economic Forum, an annual platform that aims to promote female leadership worldwide, she is the proud mother of two girls and her passions include ancient cultures, vegan cuisine and mountain trekking. She co-founded Naseba in 2003, a business facilitation company specializing in emerging markets and was appointed CEO in 2009.  She is also the co-author of ‘Game Changers: How Women in the Arab World Are Changing the Rules and Shaping the Future’, published by Motivate Publishing in May 2016.  Sophie was born in Nice, France in 1970 and holds a Master’s degree in Ancient History.

Siwar Zein, Diversity & Inclusion Lead, Nestle:

Siwar Zein is Nestle's Diversity and Inclusion Lead and has been involved in several initiatives aimed at supporting women as they progress in their career in the company as well as supporting other diversity and inclusion initiatives that have transformed the way Nestle works with women.  Mum of one, she is also the Head for the Talent & Competency Development Department in Nestlé Middle East and develops and leads the overall talent management and competency development strategy for the market to ensure a strong competent talent pool and a winning culture.  She holds a Master Degree in Human Resources Management & Organization Analysis from King’s College London and lives in Dubai.