Last month you might remember this article all about The Power of Positivity written by our very own Key Skills Coach, Archana Bhatia.  We had such a huge response to Archana's article from our ladies that we wanted to use this space to share just one incredibly powerful story that we hope will resonate and provide inspiration to so many of you.

No editing, no trickery; this is one lady's bare bones story of her journey through her career and how motherhood has affected it.  It goes without saying that we are now helping her to find her dream role.

"Thank you for sharing the article 'Power of Positivity'. It is written with a sense of hope to those who need  and with a touch of reality of what it is like to be an unemployed woman hoping to returning to work in today's fast paced business world. Yes, I am a part of this category at the moment and after a year on a career break and some mommy duties, when I wished to return back to work, I found myself lost in a sea of job seekers. Needless to say, by now you could imagine that I have not being able to find my way back to the workplace which had left me disappointed and not help but feel like a failure. But this article gave me a glimpse of hope and reminded me that I am not alone in this struggle.

I have been able to overcome many obstacles in my life resulting me to toughen up and train myself to see the light even in most difficult situations. Especially being a HR professional all my life, many a times you end up lending an empathetic ear or a shoulder to cry on to your colleagues which made me approach difficult times in life as a realist and let myself craft a plan to recover than feel like a victim of the situation. Having said that, during this weekend I couldn’t be the realist I have always been and could not be my own cheerleader as a result of many failed emails, InMail’s and calls getting absolutely nowhere with my job search. But your article in Power of Positivity kept on popping on my FB newsfeed which I was too depressed to even open. 

On Thursday night, I told my husband over dinner that I just don’t know what to do. I truly don’t know what else to do to find work again. I am a mother to a 6-year-old boy and a two-year-old girl. While I love being a mom, I also want to be more. Hence, I need a career that fulfills my purpose. I truly miss everything about work, the feeling of accomplishment, the rush to get things done, the relationships with your colleagues, the chit chat in the office, take your kids to work day and surprisingly even the stress. 

In the midst of all this overwhelming emotions I was feeling during the weekend, the only silver lining was my son finally learning to ride his bike. His motor skills have always been a work-in progress for us thus, he took little more time to master this skill after many ‘I can’t do its’. The proud smile on his face as he was riding the bike towards me down the street, is a sight I will never forget. (So was sight of his father running behind him frantically to ensure he won’t run into something). I was even more delighted when I learned the reason he didn’t give up this time. He was actually so inspired by a video which my husband showed him from the Youtube channel of ‘Great Big Story’ network regarding the story of Kyle Maynard. Born with a condition that left him with no arms and legs, the video shows an expedition he took to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Only words my 6-year-old son could find to summaries this video was ‘it’s awesome’ and ‘it’s so cool’ which didn’t satisfy my adult curiosity. So, I gave it a go. 

20 seconds into the video I have already had an epiphany.  He says in the video that, when he set the goal to achieve this enormous task, he realized that he doesn’t know what or how to do it. Kyle says “all the discoveries happened from ‘I don’t know’”. Now in comparison, my problems suddenly seemed like nothing to a man who is born with no limbs and trying to conquer the Mount Kilimanjaro. But the words ‘I don’t know’ and how it is the beginning of the discovery itself struck to my core. The words ‘I don’t what to do’ which I uttered to my husband at the dinner table came rushing back. Only difference was my words had a tone of self-pity while Kyle’s words were so exploratory. I immediately thought to myself, that I have my own mountain to climb and I need inspiration. I need to stop, revisit and redirect my course of action.  

Your article gave me all of this in one dosage. I wished I had the opportunity to take part in that seminar to absorb more of that energy to direct it towards finding my path. Nevertheless, as they say a person doesn’t leave the train station seeing the empty tracks, because he knows the train is on the way. It is the uncertainty that keeps you on the edge and push you to discover the unknown while it is the ‘hope’ that keep the fight within you.

Thank you for sharing this article and changing a life of a person who you didn’t even know existed.

From someone who needed inspiration."