Every now and again, we come across a candidate who simply cannot be ignored.  Whatever their industry, background or situation, we want to use this space to shout about them, to celebrate their greatness and promote them to potential employees.  They are our Star Candidate; our Hopscotch Hire!

Our Hopscotch Hire for February is Ishani.  A seasoned HR professional, she's had over 11 years experience at senior level in the industry and is a mum of two.  Having had a short break to take care of her kids, she's now fully charged up to connect back to the working world.

Here's what she had to say about her next move...

Hopscotch: What's your background and how did it lead you to Dubai?

Ishani: I moved to Dubai in 2007 from Sri Lanka with my husband. Though initially we planned to stay in Dubai short term, ten years and two kids later we happily call Dubai our second home. Human resources have been my passion and I worked with two local organizations in UAE in the last eight years gaining exposure in many aspects of people management.

H: We all have a 'dream job' in mind.  What would yours be and why?

I: The dream job for me would be a role in my profession that fulfills three main elements; namely, meaningful work, a collaborative work culture and work-life balance. I believe when your work is driven by a sense of purpose and meaning and the hope of making a positive difference, your work becomes a gratifying experience. In addition, a workplace that truly adopts a culture that encourages you to be your best; provides constructive feedback and mentoring when needed and promotes a collaborative working environment within its team would enable you to thrive and succeed in your career.  Finally, as a mom of two very young children, having some degree of flexibility of your time to manage your work life and personal life would be a great advantage too.

H: Tell us why you want to work and how would it change your life?

I: As Albert Einstein once said “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”.  For me, work provides me with a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that keeps my life moving forward as much as being a mother does. 

Ishani is available now and you can enquire about hiring her by emailing talent@hopscotch.ae.  If you also want to be featured in our Hopscotch Hires series, please email info@hopscotch.ae to be considered.