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This month it's the turn of Sara Sadik aka Magic Mommyhood.  As a former employee of the UN in New York, subsequently a part of the Prime Minister's Office in Dubai and currently a journalist, blogger and mum to three gorgeous littlies, she's a true power house of energy, inspiration and, well, humour!  She encourages her tens of thousands of followers across social media to throw themselves in and just enjoy the craziness...and here's how she does just that herself:

"As the daughter of a Palestinian refugee who walked in 1948,  I definitely have this drive, persistence and “stubborness” that many people speak of.  It is something that is so deeply engrained within me when it comes to fighting with my husband or building my brand, Finding the Magic, out of nothing.  I’m always about redefining myself and my brand in staying true to the essence of who I am as a mom, a writer and as a potential influencer.

It has been an adventure since leaving the United Nations in NY and subsequently the Prime Minister’s Office here in Dubai, but that is the beauty of it all. For instance every day I wake up looking forward to interviewing these moms for a blog series that’s published on The Huffington Post: Every Mama Has a Hiccup.  The stories are real and refreshing and they all command perspective and an action plan instead of tiny whimpers and puppy dog eyes and it has honestly been a whole new level of perspective I gain by interviewing them. 

I’m consistently trying to raise my three kids as the best Global Citizens they can be with the best moral compass instilled by me.  My advice to them is to be driven by your passion and open to whatever form that may manifest in. And to laugh and see the magic.  Yes, in every mess.  I’ve built my brand in the past three years and have had three kids during that time.  I have written almost 100 weekly articles since April 2015 and have wiped countless noses and bums too! 

I am always flexible on execution and the how or when of it all and thankful for this flexibility. So maybe I have to become an influencer before major publisher Random House welcomes my book proposal with open arms?  Then so be it.  I’ve tried to keep my brand integrity and my family values intact which has meant balancing it all. Or rather, trying to balance it all, which has included a lot of writing at 2 am and ‘faking it until I make it’ mind sets which I hope you can appreciate.  Oh, and a whole lot of caffeine.  

At the end of the day there is this common thread binding us all together as moms, no matter what.  It’s the sleepless nights and the worry but mostly the struggle to fully comprehend that the “cracks are what let the light through”, like Leonard Cohen once said.  That quote is really the foundation behind my whole mantra in my writing and my brand and of course, mommyhood."

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