Our co-founder, Helen McGuire, speaks about the recent Mentor ME programme; the first of its kind in this region.

"You might remember that at the start of January Hopscotch partnered with MasterCard ME to put the call out for women to take part in a 6 month mentorship scheme.  The only stipulations were that as an applicant you needed to have been out of work for over a year and have been in a management role.

Well, here we are at the end of the month and it's safe to say we've been overwhelmed by the response and positive impact of this initiative.  We had hundreds of applications and along with the MasterCard team, whittled those down to 60 and then to a final 10.  In mid-January, I was bowled over to meet the ladies in question and hear about their stories.  As we sat around Hopscotch HQ's boardroom table, we heard tales of previous experience as regional board members, international accountants, play-writes, graduate entrants to the Big Four consultancies and more.  Some of our ladies were mums who had taken time away for their kids, but others had broken away from the workplace to travel with family or take care of elderly relatives.  It was an eye-opening 90minutes for us all.

I'm happy to say we somehow managed to select seven from this talented bunch to be mentored by MasterCard over the coming six months.  Last Thursday, our ladies met their mentors and we got off to a flying a start.  Nicolette, Sana, Tarang, Emily, Lamia, Monique and Jomarie will all be keeping us updated via blogs and video on their journey and fingers crossed this experience will pay dividends for them.

Bravo to MasterCard and our ladies for making this become a reality and keep a check at Hopscotch for more similar schemes.