Every now and again, we come across a candidate who simply cannot be ignored.  Whatever their industry, background or situation, we want to use this space to shout about them, to celebrate their greatness and promote them to potential employees.  They are our Star Candidate; our Hopscotch Hire!

To kick this series off,  the mantle has fallen to Sandra - a Senior Executive Assistant with a Law degree, eight years' experience at the highest level in her profession and Arabic under her belt. We spoke to her to find out more about her story and her ideal job...

Hopscotch: Tell us a bit about your situation now and what led you to Dubai.
Sandra: I have been in Dubai since September 2016. I plan on living here for the next 10–15 years as my husband is Middle Eastern and my sister lives here. I was previously based in London my whole life and I worked for the government for eight years.

H: Everyone has that 'Dream Job' in their mind's eye.  Describe yours so we can help you find it.
S: My dream job would be a fast paced one in Dubai where every day is slightly different to the other. It would involve travel and there would be a large social aspect to it. There would be some form of designing involved, be it a product, policy, idea or service. I would look up to my colleagues and value their opinion and we would work hard as team — all believing passionately in what we do. The hours would vary day to day, so sometimes long hours and sometimes shorter days. There would be easy remote working and we would be using the best technology to keep us connected. Staff in my company would be heavily invested in and there would be room for fast development. The office environment would be luxury offices, very smart and professional and there would be no micro management and minimal office politics. The salary would be good and the bonus would be even better.

H: Tell us why being in work is so important to you and how it could change your situation.
S: If you love what you do, you never really feel like you are working, and that to me is divine. To spend a good part of your life loving what you do, providing value and being paid for it is the key to excellent living. I love the feeling of working hard, being good at what I do, pioneering something new, speaking to new people all the time and I believe that the professional structure of working and being away from your family ensure better relations with friends and family. I am also interested in making good money to have a better standard of living for me and my family.

Sandra is available now and you can hire her by emailing talent@hopscotch.ae.  If you also want to be featured in our Hopscotch Hires series, please email info@hopscotch.ae to be considered.