Women only?

Is Hopscotch just recruiting women? At this stage in Hopscotch’s journey, our main objective is to get women who have been absent from the workplace (for one reason or another) back into it. But any woman who is looking for a flexible work environment is welcome to register.

Mums only?

Is Hopscotch only for mums looking back to work? No, we welcome all female candidates looking to get back into the work place whether that be in a part time, flexible or even full time capacity.

Is work guaranteed?

Will I definitely get a job if I register and submit my CV? Although we would love nothing more than to guarantee everyone who submits a CV to us a job, unfortunately we just aren’t able to do this. However, we are always being given new opportunities for our candidates by our clients and we will of course contact those candidates who we feel are most suited in terms of their skills and experience to those roles.

Will you respond?

I submitted my CV, when will you get back to me? Our recruiters screen all applications carefully and will get back to you in case your skill set matches the job role and the expectations of the client. Sadly, due to the volume of CVs our team receives, we cannot reply to everyone personally.

Resumé retouching?

Can you help me write my CV? At this point, Hopscotch does not offer this service. We do however carry out Workshops which address certain needs such as ‘how to write a killer CV’ or 'dos and don’ts in interviews’.

What happens next?

What happens once I have applied for a certain role? Once you have applied for a certain role, one of our dedicated recruiters will review your CV. Should your skills and experience be suited to the role, we will of course be in touch with you.

What about privacy?

Do you send my CV or contact details to clients, or will you contact me for approval? In case one of our recruiters would like to forward your CV to a client, we will of course contact you before for your approval.

What about hours?

What type of positions do you offer? We have a variety of job types: work from home, flexible part- or full-time, maternity cover, project-based etc. Please check the job description on our Job Board for further information on each role.

Will I hear from you?

I applied for a specific role. Will I be informed if I am not considered for that job? As much as we would love to get in touch with each and every one of you, we can only guarantee a response to those who match our clients' requirements at this time.

Why wasn't I successful?

My profile matched perfectly with one of the roles you are offering. Why was I not shortlisted? Our main function as a recruitment agency is to find and preselect applicants for the client. As an example, out of 200 CVs, a recruiter may send only up to five on to a client. If your CV was not selected, it does not mean you were not suitable for the role. It could just be the case that there were five other candidates with more experience in that specific field or which matched the client’s criteria slightly more.

Does Hopscotch hire me?

Is Hopscotch the hiring company? No. Hopscotch acts as a ‘matchmaker’. We connect forward thinking companies with professional women seeking unconventional working types or hours.

What's the process?

How does your recruitment process work? When we look for suitable candidates for a role, we base the search on the following:
(a) Our talent database. If you have submitted your CV, it will appear in our system if you match the specific search criteria.
(b) We screen all candidates that have specifically applied for that job.
Our dedicated recruiters then screen each CV to find the client the most suitable candidates. In case your skill set and experience match the client’s expectations, a recruiter will call you for an initial interview with Hopscotch and also to get your feedback on the potential role. Please note we will never forward your CV to any client without your consent.
The client then decides whether to take the recruitment process to the next step.
All clients have different recruitment processes, which might include assessment centres, Skype interviews, presentations etc.
We will of course brief you accordingly, sharing all our knowledge and wisdom in order to help you through the process.